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Real Estate Lingo

Real Estate Lingo by Wes Harder   As Realtors, we often use lingo that may sound foreign to some of you. In an effort to bring some clarity to our Realtor language, I have prepared a basic real estate dictionary for your enjoyment and education.   Appraisal vs. Home Evaluation/Market Value – An appraisal is…

Manitoba Survey: Housing Preferences Have Changed

Manitoba Survey: Housing Preferences Have Changed     When a person buys their first home, there are certain things that are important to them. When they buy their second home, chances are those preferences change too, whether it’s more entertaining space, more bedrooms, a yard, etc. It’s the journey that a lot of homeowners make….

2020: The Seller’s Market

2020: The Seller’s Market     Looking back on 2020 in real estate, our local region continued to thrive. It was no secret that it was a year of the seller’s market. Seller’s market happens when there are more buyers than homes on the market, and a buyer’s market is when there are more homes…

Fall Market Report – 2020

FALL MARKET REPORT – 2020     “How has Covid-19 affected the real estate market?” We have been answering this question since COVID-19 entered all of our worlds, and it’s a fair one. Every industry has a different experience, and our local real estate industry has been spared many of the woes that friends in…

Roland: A Pledge to Better Living

Roland: A Pledge To Better Living *Click on any picture to expand*     Roland is named after Roland McDonald (not to be mistaken with Ronald McDonald) who lived from 1850-1938 and farmed the current Roland area. He was known as a very fine man and a courageous pioneer. One of the stories he often…

Spring Market Report – 2020

2020 SPRING MARKET REPORT     Stats are provided by the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). All statistics are based on all MLS listed Residential and Condominium sales.   2020 started as a normal year in our local real estate market until Covid-19 arrived, and we have felt an impact the way almost every other industry…

Choice History: 40+ years

Choice History: 40+ Years     1979 On September 9th, 1979 in the bustling village of Plum Coulee, the newspaper headlines read:   CHOICE REALTY, NEW FIRM IN PLUM COULEE Choice Realty, the area’s newest real estate firm, opened September 1st, at 281 North Railway in Plum Coulee (Now 281 Main Avenue). Broker Henry Penner,…

Plum Coulee: The Spirit Remains

Plum Coulee: The Spirit Remains     *Click on any picture to expand*   Almost 150 years and many generations have passed since Plum Coulee was first put on the map in 1872. Several men were surveying land in the area and when they ate the delicious fruit of the abundant plum trees growing along…

Morden: Digging Into History

  Morden: Digging Into History   *Click on any picture to expand*   Before Morden became what it is today, it was actually a town to the northwest called Nelson (Nelsonville) that had great expectations. In 1882, the town was full grown and was one of the most active and busy towns in the province…

Fall Market Report – 2019

  *All statistics are based on Residential and Condominium listings only. Stats are provided by the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).+   Fall is here, and we record another active year for the Real Estate market in the Pembina Valley. There has been an increase in sales and average sale price for both Winkler and Morden….