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Market Update: We’ve had a strong first half of 2024 with the number of sales increasing in Winkler & Morden and a slight decrease in Altona but overall, 2023 and 2024 have been quite similar across the Pembina Valley. Read Post

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Possession & Moving

Possession & Moving


Congratulations! Your offer has been accepted, the conditions have been satisfied, and you have bought a house!

So, what happens from now until you move in?


Before Possession

    • Lawyer – Choice Realty will send all the sale documents to the law office of your choice. Your lawyer will contact you 1-2 weeks before your possession date to arrange the appointment for you to sign transfer documents.
    • Lender – Contact your mortgage lender to arrange an appointment to finalize mortgage details. This appointment often happens within two weeks before possession.
    • Insurance – Set up your home insurance policy with an insurance broker before the possession date.


On Possession Day

    • Keys – Your Realtor will contact you to give you your new keys once the lawyers have finalized all the details and dispersed the money from your bank/credit union to everyone who needs to be paid.
    • Utilities – Read meters & call Manitoba Hydro, municipality office and internet & phone companies to update your accounts


If you have sold the home you are moving from…

    • Keys – Bring extra keys and garage remotes to your Realtor for the buyers
    • Insurance – Cancel house insurance on your previous property
    • Cleaning – You want to ensure the house you have sold is clean and presentable when you leave for the last time by completing this checklist:
        • Vacuum/wash floors
        • Dust
        • Clean windows
        • Wipe down walls + baseboards
        • Replace burnt-out light bulbs
        • Clean appliances and ensure good working order
        • Sweep garage
        • Cut grass, do weeding, trimming or snow removal
        • Check furnace filter and replace if necessary
        • Check septic tank (if applicable)
        • Clean up all trash and belongings

Keep in mind that you may need to repeat this list at your new home, but hopefully the sellers have also thoroughly cleaned it for you.

    • Utilities – Call the city/municipality office and Manitoba Hydro to advise them of your move and submit your meter readings.


Moving Tips

    • Keep your house keys on you so you always have them as you need them.
    • Use protective gear such as padding, extra cardboard, blankets, pillows etc. to avoid denting furniture or walls on your first day.
    • Keep things like cash, a phone charger, first aid kit, garbage bags, tape, scissors, craft knife and a toolbox handy. You’ll thank yourself later. And don’t forget the snacks and hydration!
    • Invest in borrowing, renting or buying a furniture dolly or cart to save some back pain.
    • Set up bathroom essentials first thing – toilet paper, garbage can, soap, hand towel and don’t forget the shower curtain for the blissful shower at the end of the day.
    • Consider packing a “carry-on” bag for each member of your family – pack toiletries, a change of clothes, prescription medications, chargers, etc. to help the day go a bit more smoothly.
    • Your pets may feel the stress of a new home – be equipped with food, water bowl, special treats and favourite toys.


After Possession

    • Mail – Contact Canada Post and arrange your new mailbox and keys.
    • Address – Update your new address on all documentation – driver’s license, Manitoba Health card, credit cards, banking accounts, etc.