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Spring Market Update – 2017

The spring market is upon us! Spring is a time of transition in many ways including in the real estate market. After being cooped up all winter, its seems as though when spring hits people are ready for a change and that leads to a spike in listings and sales. For reasons unexplained, Winkler typically CONTINUE READING

Winkler’s Growth Provides Business Opportunities

  Winkler received some exciting news this week with the release of the 2016 government census. The data showed Winkler is the fastest growing city in all of Manitoba, and 11th fastest in all of Canada! Of course an influx of new residents is great news for the residential real estate market, but the effect CONTINUE READING

New Years Resolution 2017: Become a Homeowner

Is buying a home on your 2017 to do list? Here’s a couple of tips to help make your aspirations for homeownership a reality. It’s never too early to start saving! The downpayment is easily the biggest obstacle homeowners need to overcome when looking to make a real estate purchase. CMHC allows buyers to have CONTINUE READING

Fall Market Update – 2016

Another summer coming to an end means more fall statistics for you to enjoy! We have the privilege of having a strong real estate market in the Winkler/Morden area in past years with no exception in 2016. The market strength can be attributed to steady economic and population growth, and a stable development plan being implemented by municipal CONTINUE READING

Commission, Competition, and the My Listings Tool

We might make it look easy, but the real estate industry is very complex! This post will hopefully shed some light on some common misconceptions regarding how listing and selling commissions work, and how Choice Realty and our competitors can work together to sell listings. Also, you’ll find information on a new tool we’ve introduced CONTINUE READING

Radon Gas – How Your Home Could Be Hurting You

Radon Gas – How Your Home Could Be Hurting You Who knew you’d be getting a science lesson from your local Real Estate experts? Radon gas is a harmful chemical that is found in an estimated 23% of homes in Manitoba and is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking! The purpose of this CONTINUE READING

Choice Realty Market Update – Spring 2016

Spring Market Update   As demonstrated in the chart below, sales are lower in both Winkler and Morden (as well as the rest of the Pembina Valley) compared to last year at this time. That said, this years market is considered “Balanced”; meaning there are benefiting factors for both buyers and sellers. Buyers have an advantage because CONTINUE READING

The Nest is Empty, Now What?

Retirement can look very different for many people. To some, it means working as a hobby and just slowing down a bit, and to others it means selling off everything and living nomadically in an RV. Regardless of what it looks like for you (or your parents), the one common denominator is change in lifestyle. CONTINUE READING

Rental Properties 2.0

  This post will go into further detail on the benefits and factors to consider when investing in Real Estate. If you haven’t already, please read our previous post Rental Properties 101 before reading this article. Topics that will be covered included taxation of investment properties, government rent controls, local market strength and vacancy rates, CONTINUE READING

Rental Properties 101

Investment, or rental properties can be an intimidating topic. However, this article will hopefully shed some light on how easy and beneficial they can be; even if your savings account isn’t extensive. First off, to establish some credibility – Choice Realty has decades of experience in commercial and residential investment properties. A few agents at CONTINUE READING