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Winkler’s Growth Provides Business Opportunities


Winkler received some exciting news this week with the release of the 2016 government census. The data showed Winkler is the fastest growing city in all of Manitoba, and 11th fastest in all of Canada! Of course an influx of new residents is great news for the residential real estate market, but the effect on commercial real estate is often overlooked.

The local commercial real estate market has been slower as of late. There are plenty of properties to choose from and they’ve been on the market for an extend period of time. In fact, there is a combined 125,000 sq ft of commercial space currently available in Winkler. This results in a market where interested buyers have very little urgency to make a move on leasing/purchasing a location. However, despite the static commercial market in 2016, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

2016 had an average of 149 days on the market for commercial properties; a statistic we’re anticipating to be different for 2017. With the census being released showing just how fast Winkler is growing, businesses from out of town will consider Winkler a very desirable spot. This, combined with a wide variety of vacant listings can result in lots of locations to choose from at, or below market value. Which is exactly what businesses are looking for when branching out to different markets, or local companies wanting to relocate and expand.

Grand Openings to Watch For

The following restaurants are opening up in 2017!


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