• Anna Nickel
    Anna Nickel

    Anna was born in Russia and at age 16, moved to Germany. In 1998, Anna, her husband Igor, and 2 daughters moved to Winkler. Once in Canada, they had 2 boys, their daughters got married, and in 2017 their first grandson was born. Anna has been a realtor at Choice Realty since 2007 and has 15 years past experience as a health care aide. Anna is multi-lingual, speaking Low German, Russian, German, and English.

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  • Dave Kasdorf
    Dave Kasdorf

    Dave has lived in Winkler for over 25 years with his wife Lesley and two children. He has been part of the Choice Realty team since 2005 and began managing operations in partnership with Don Friesen in 2014. Dave became the sole owner and manager of Choice Realty in 2016. Apart from the real estate industry, Dave has business experience in retail, property management, and business consulting.

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  • Jocelyn Ginter
    Jocelyn Ginter

    Jocelyn has been a Licensed Real Estate Assistant at Choice Realty since May 2019. She is originally from a farm outside Plum Coulee and has lived the majority of her life in Winkler. Jocelyn has always had a passion for Real Estate and business, and began her career at Choice Realty as the Marketing Co-ordinator in May 2017. One of the things she loves most is seeing the Pembina Valley expand and develop as more families and businesses call Southern Manitoba their new home. In her free time, Jocelyn enjoys spending time with friends and family, creative projects, fishing, and travelling.

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  • John Wiebe
    John Wiebe

    John has lived in rural Manitoba the majority of his life and enjoys living in Schanzenfeld with his wife, Susanne, and their 3 boys. John has worked at Choice as a real estate agent since 2013. He has 17 years prior experience in the construction industry as a Red Seal Carpenter, project manager, and company owner/operator. John enjoys travelling, fishing, hockey, and spending time with his family. John is fluent in English and Low German.

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  • Nic Friesen
    Nic Friesen

    Nic’s been with Choice since 2015 but he’s has always had a passion for real estate being raised by Choice Realty’s previous owner. Being born and raised in Winkler, Nic has witnessed the exceptional growth of his hometown and is excited to being a part of the future of the Pembina Valley through this industry.

    After majoring in Marketing at RRC’s Business Admin program, Nic gained experience in marketing, and property management where he became familiar with residential tenancy laws and investment properties. This lead him to his career at Choice Realty where he began as the marketing coordinator and is now a full-time realtor. In his free time, Nic enjoys traveling with his wife Maria, playing golf, hockey and cheering on the Winnipeg Jets.

    Mobile 204.384.7070

  • Robert Hildebrand
    Robert Hildebrand

    Robert grew up on a farm just outside of Plum Coulee. He was married and moved just 1 mile away and did automotive recycling and sales from 1977 – 1996. In 1996 he moved to Winkler where he lives with his wife, Shirley. He has 3 married sons and 5 grandchildren. He has been in the real estate industry since 1997. In his spare time Robert enjoys attending car shows and spending time with his 5 grandchildren. Robert is fluent in English, Low German and speaks basic High German.

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  • Steve Hildebrand
    Steve Hildebrand

    Steve grew up on a farm in Schoenwiese and moved to Winkler in 2008. He’s been an agent at Choice Realty since 2015 and has 9 years prior experience working in the insurance industry in Winkler. Steve enjoys spending time with his nieces and nephews, participating in sports, fishing, and the occasional road trip.

    Mobile 204.362.7408

  • Tim Friesen
    Tim Friesen

    Tim was born and raised in Winkler, where he currently lives with his wife Mel and 2 daughters. Tim has a Bachelor of Commerce degree and 10 years marketing management experience. He has been a realtor at Choice since 2012 and enjoys golf and watching sports in his free time.

    Mobile 204.362.4846

  • Waldemar Dyck
    Waldemar Dyck

    Waldemar was born and raised in Russia and lived a number of years in Germany. He moved to Winkler in 1999 with his wife, Natalia, and their four children. He spends most of his free time cheering on his children at their numerous sports events. Waldemar has worked at Choice as a Realtor since 2015. He is fluent in Russian, German, Low German, and English.

    Mobile 204.332.1181

  • Wes Harder
    Wes Harder

    Wes is originally from Paraguay but has spent the majority of his life in Winkler with his wife Charmaine and 2 sons. He has been a Realtor with Choice Realty since 2005 and worked as a sales representative for Berdick Windows prior to becoming a Realtor. Wes has a passion for helping people and enjoys the challenges and constant changes that the real estate industry brings. Aside from his work, Wes enjoys spending time with his wife and sons, travelling, coaching soccer and volunteering in the community. Wes is fluent in Low German and basic Spanish.

    Mobile 204.362.4129

Office Staff

  • Erica Klassen
    Erica Klassen

    Erica has been the marketing administrator at Choice Realty since October 2018. She has always been grateful to call Winkler home, where she grew up just outside of the city. After high school graduation, she spent several years serving in missions and in several different faith-focused programs. These opportunities allowed her to travel to many different countries around the world, and she gained a passion for loving and serving people of all ages and cultures. Erica was married in May 2018 to Seth, and enjoys cooking, camping, and reading with him.


  • Noreen Loewen
    Noreen Loewen

    Noreen is the backbone of Choice Realty being the office administrator. With exceptional organization and efficiency she ensures that all the agents are able to serve their clients effectively. She has been a part of the team for over a decade and has 9 years prior administration experience in the property management industry. Noreen and her husband Rudy enjoy fishing, hiking and canoeing at their family cabin.